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Thank you for visiting our wedding website.
The guestbook is now closed.
Since I was unable to make the event (again, my apologies) this was a great way to see the pics and share your joy. I'm so happy for you both!!!
Steven Morrison;
Ft. Wright, KY
Hi Sammi and Jon,
Your wedding was beautiful and I pray that you both will have a marriage that is filled with laughter and joy. Love, Aunt T.

Aunt Theresa;
Hudson, IL
We can't believe that you'll be home tomorrow from your hawaiian honeymoon. Wasn't it just yesterday that you were the center in a magical experience. You two made the most handsome couple at your wedding, absolutely exquisite. All of the other glowing and glitz was certainly outshined by your beautiful love for each other. We are both so very proud of you and your committment to each other. God is very happy... We love you both and can't wait to spend more relaxing time with you and hear about the magic of Maui (edited of course).
All of our Love and God's Blessings to you both.
Mom and Dad D

Mom & Dad D

Hi Sammi & Jon; I know you are having a dream of a honeymoon in Maui, but wanted to just say, Congratulations and WOW! Your wedding was breathtaking! A Winter Wonderland was planned and created and definitely was what we all experienced. Everything was so beautiful, especially the "blushing bride" and debonaire groom. I heard so many wonderful comments from the guests. Thanks, Moms, you did a fantastic job. It really was a fairytale wedding. "And they lived happily ever after". Love to you both, Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Everett
Grandma Carolyn & Grandpa Everett;
Normal, IL
America is strengthened with the love of young couples like this. May God bless you and America.



George W. Bush;
Washington, DC
Hi Guys! Sorry that I can't make it to the Wedding, but I want you to know that I'm thinking about y'all!!
Will Reed;
Cincinnati, OH
Hi Sam and Jon! Here it is 2 days before the wedding. Will and I was just talking about the big day. I wish I could be there to share it with you. I expect to see pictures. Enjoy your special day and may God Bless you with many years of happiness. Love, Yvonne
Yvonne Becknell;
Cincinnati , OH
Hey Guys, congratulations (again!). What a great site. I feel very fortunate to know the two of you and to be in the Chicago area for the wedding. See you on the big day!!! If you're in Chicago before then give me a call. Happy Holidays! btw - Steven Tyler says congrats!
Scott Seidl;
?????, ????
Goodness Gracious! Only 23 more days! I am getting so excited, and I know that you must be a million times more so. Of course, I have been keeping up to date with Mother, Marie, on all the plans, and everything sounds so beautiful! God bless her, she has really knocked herself out trying to take care of all the planning and coordinating. Be very thankful for this wonderful angel. See you at the shower on Nov 19, Sam, and if I am lucky, I will get to see Jonathan, too. LUV U both, Grandma Carolyn
Grandma Carolyn;
Normal, IL
Great site!
I'm sure you'll have a marvelous wedding!

John Chatterton
Great site. Very thorough, informative and witty. I wouldn't expect anything less. Miss you Sam and hope to see you again some day. Say hello to the CCM Admin gang from me. Can't wait to see the wedding photos!
Oklahoma City, OK
Awesome site Jonathan! Hi Sammi! Hope I can see you both again soon!
Chris Babbage
Jamestown, NY
Thank you to all that have signed our guest book. I wanted to let everyone know that kids are welcome (and expected) to join in the wedding festivities. It definitely wouldn't be the same without them!
Sammi Dawson <>
Cincinnati, OH
WOW! THis is awesome! You did alot can hardly wait for more. The MacCracken Clan is going to try real hard to attend. KIDS are welcome right? Ben and I hope that your marriage is as great as ours! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!
Kelly MacCracken (cousin of Bride)
Canton, GA
Wow, What a gift you all have for creativity, nostalgia and certainly loads of information. I feel as though I have been there with Sammi and Jonathan throughout their courtship. A masterpiece sight for sure. I sure hope that I can "fly in" for the big event. My calendar's marked and my bags are packed....(but then again, my bags are ALWAYS packed) ha ha Congratulations Sammi and Jonathan
Aunt Martha, (Flying Aunt of the Bride)

Aunt Martha
Chicago, IL
Absolutely speechless! It's a beautiful site that is obviously the result of much time and effort. I'm still pondering the mischief that Sammi and I experienced at UHigh (note Wedding Party link). Seems to me that we didn't get into much trouble in our high school days. Cheers from Chicago!


Rob Turner
Oak Park, IL
Hi Sammi and Jon

Looks like you guys have everything under control. Your Website is very nice, and I know you put lots of work and thought into it. We are looking forward to your Big Day and of course we will plan to be there celebrating with you. It is hard to believe that you are getting married, but we will welcome Jon into this big family of ours with open arms. Congratulations and we love you.

Aunt Bev and Uncle Louie

Aunt Bev
Roswell, GA
Nice job! Need more pictures. And, Jon, figure out the coding on that Sears gift registry to go directly into your list. You can't shirk from that challenge...
Naperville, IL
Terrific website! Lots of hard work and research went into this! Sounds like you still have some to go yet, so will be anxious to see coming attractions. Love you both very much and so happy for you. Grandma Carolyn
Grandma Carolyn
Normal, IL
Love the website... Love you both
Marie / Mom

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